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Precision Engineered Superior Quality Heavy Duty Long Term Performance & Reliability Unique Design Abbey Variable Angle Troughing Sets used in Every Abbey Roller Machined Cast Iron End Covers are everywhere Abbey Rollers Moving Things Easily Abbey Rollers Used in Broad Range of Temperatures Environments & Conditions Reliable. Robust Real Value for Money Broad Range of Standand Products in Stock Toughest Locations In the Roughest Manufactured to Customers Specific Requirements with Quick Lead Times Internationally Recognised as Market Leader for the Conveyor Industry Made with our Extensive Knowledge & Expertise Worldwide Sales Long Term Performance & Reliability

We are a Leading Manufacturer

of precision engineered, heavy duty, cost effective, superior quality conveyor rollers and troughing sets for the bulk handling and conveyor industry Worldwide.
Abbey Rollers and Troughing Sets are used in a broad range of environments, temperatures and conditions with outstanding long term performance and reliability.

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Our design and construction gives ultimate bearing protection resulting in a superior roller delivering long life and reliable performance, every time.

Our heavy duty product range is widely used throughout the following industries:
Quarrying, Mining, Sand & Gravel, Power, Cement, Recycling Facilities, Fertilizer, Port Facilities, Glass, Peat, Timber, Paper.

What makes the Abbey Roller so POPULAR?

We’ll tell you all about it

Why Customers Choose Abbey Rollers

We have become internationally recognised as a

Market Leader of heavy duty superior quality conveyor rollers

and a reliable supplier to the conveyor industry in
Ireland and Worldwide

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Our heavy duty product range is widely used throughout

the following industries:

  • Quarrying

  • Mining

  • Sand & Gravel

  • Power
  • Cement

  • Recycling Facilities

  • Fertilizer

  • Port Facilities

  • Glass

  • Peat

  • Timber

  • Paper