Abbey Direct Replacement Rollers

Abbey Rollers manufacture replacement rollers to suit all makes to fit directly into your existing base frames or return roller brackets. All our replacement rollers are manufactured to our patented design and construction.

When you purchase a direct replacement roller you can be assured of our superior quality.

We use heavy duty machined cast iron end covers on all our rollers. These castings are precision bored and externally grooved to engineered tolerances. Housed inside this cast iron end cover is our double rubber sealed and lubricated for life 2RS C3 bearings which is situated behind a separate double lip rubber seal. Having the bearing seated inside the casting protects it from external environment conditions, ingress of moisture, dirt or destructive particles that causes bearing damage and breakdown. Our design and construction gives ultimate bearing protection resulting in a superior roller delivering long life and reliable performance, every time.

Abbey replacement rollers are manufactured in mild steel in 101.6mm,127mm,159mm & 168mm diameter, with shaft diameter of 22mm – 45mm as required.

By completing the replacement roller order chart rollers can be manufactured exactly to your requirements including your specific shaft end detail. Please refer to our replacement roller order form or page 4 of our international brochure series 2000 and simply complete the required fields for us to manufacture your requirements.

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